I have been able to find jungle style hammocks at a couple of army surplus stores. Might be a cheap way to get started:

Hammock Setup Under $100
Army Style Jungle Hammock - $39.00
Strapworks Simple Sling 20' with 1" loops Seatbelt material - $10.00
4 SMC Rappeling Rings - $12.00
2 Carabiners - approx $15

That's about $76 with $37 of that being new suspension, which is totally optional. Also unless you are expecting a downpour, the covering on this hammock should suffice so no need for an extra tarp unless you just really want one. It has a bugshield built in.

I will say this, most of them are not really built for extreme comfort or maybe not even for comfort at all. They are pretty narrow. I did survive a couple of what had to be close to single digit nights out snow camping at 8000' in Feb. a couple years ago with a few layers of clothes, a nice mummy bag, a Walmart blue pad, and my military jungle hammock. It was chilly, but definitely survivable. I seem to have a soft spot in my heart for my old hammock.