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    Mar 2013
    Rochester NY
    DD Frontline
    DD Frontline Hammock, 95 dollars, tarp 65, come with everything to set up, add a snakeskin, Double layer so Imgoing to insert some foam insul from lowes as suggested elsewhere here, and I have a us army mountain bag Im going to convert to under quilt for late fall or (eeks) winter use. I have about 20 bucks invested for an adjustable ridgeline to use with the tarp. All comes in under 200 dollars. You can do the basic setup for about 165.

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    Apr 2012
    Yorktown, Va
    BIAS Hiker Lite DL
    Speer Winter Tarp
    DIY Underquilt
    My Dream System:
    Dream Hammock Dangerbird-$175
    Includes bugnet, suspension, and over cover
    WB Superfly-$130
    "May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view."-Edward Abbey

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    Joplin, Missouri
    WBBB 1.1 SL
    Hex fly
    Llo TQ/ Pheonix UQ
    Whoopies/ Biners
    Dream system
    Hammock- WBBB 1.1 SL - 170$ Includes bugnet, suspension
    Tarp-Hennesy Hex Fly -80$ with Mountain Goat Gear mesh snake skins- 25$
    Top Insulation- Leighlo's 30 degree down top quilt-180$
    Bottom Insulation- Pheonix 3/4 20 degree down Under quilt-180$
    Foot Insulation - Thermarest Z-Seat - 15$ A must have with a 3/4 length underquilt.
    Grand Total= 650$
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    May 2013
    Adelaide, Australia
    Hammock Bliss Sky Bed
    DD 10'x10'
    SI mat, 3/4 UQ
    Straps/cinch buckl
    Lots of info here. Just joined as a noob to HH and am still getting my hammock system together.

    Here's my complete kit:

    Cheap parachute hammock (from China) $17
    DIY no-see-um mesh mozzie net (in Australia we need one almost all year round!) $36
    Aussie army 8' x 10' hoochie tarp $49 (strong, totally waterproof and very versatile. Can clip 2 together to make a large tarp for to-the-ground shelter).
    Suspension - webbing and rope and a couple of carabeeners $20

    Sleep kit:

    Windscreen reflector 30" x 66" under insulation. $10 (could take 2 if going very cold).
    Self-inflating mat $50 (I don't know if I'll need that for the hammock, may not be necessary for comfort).
    SOL Escape bivvy $60
    Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme sleeping bag liner $60 (works very well for me, makes a huge difference to sleeping comfort).
    Polar fleece sleeping bag/liner $30 (extra layer for very cold conditions)

    The sleeping kit is multi-layered to cater for a wide range of conditions. The Escape Bivvy is wind proof, water resistant, surprisingly warm, very compact and an ideal take-along for a day hike 'just in case'. Amazing piece of kit!

    From there if the temp goes well below freezing I will layer-up with clothing and maybe a hot water bottle as well.

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    So here's my story:

    Mrs. Lazybones and I are finally making the transition from apartment to home living and our new home (on Staten Island) has a nice, big deck (almost 60 feet wide with a pool) and I will finally fulfill a nearly life long dream of swinging in my own hammock(!) I'm willing to splurge on the right rig, but I have questions: Storing the hammock might be a problem. Are there hammocks that'll stand up to all four seasons in New York City?

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    Jun 2013
    Land Of Fake Beer
    My newby setup:

    Grand Trunk single backpackers hammock - $35
    Klymb Static V air pad - $40
    Total - $75

    Not essential:
    Some paracord and a blue tarp in case it rains (but it hasn't yet) - $20
    Air pillow - $20
    1200 lb cam buckle straps to replace the crappy ropes that came with the hammock - $20
    Carabiners from the military surplus - about $1 each.
    Total - $62 ($137)

    I sleep in a polypro shirt and Mountain Hardware fleece, flannel pajamas, and wool socks. A watch cap keeps my bald head from freezing. I use a cheapo "0 degree" (hah!) half-mummy as a quilt, and haven't had to zip it up yet. One night last week was as low as 40 f and a little windy, and I stayed comfy warm.

    I've got some improving to do, but this setup got me hanging (and addicted!).

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    I just wanted to say thank you for this thread. It is informative to see the range of options out there for one to get started. It seems to me one of the best items about hanging is you can start with the cheap system and upgrade piece by piece until you end up with your dream system. Mix and match to what works for you. Thanks, J

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    Raleigh, NC
    ENO Doublenest
    ENO Profly
    Ozark Trail Cocoon
    ENO Atlas
    Cool post! Could come in handy! A lot of the links are dead though..

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    May 2013
    Stansbury Park, UT
    DIY Double Layer Hammock
    9x12 Tyvek
    Wool Blanket
    Whoopie Slings
    Super Cheap $50.00 Setup
    Hammock: $4.00 - Single layer of Wal-Mart nylon 3.5 to 4 yards
    Suspension: $7.00 2 18 1 webbing straps sheet bend directly to hammock (
    Tarp: $10.00 Standard blue tarp from Home Depot or Wal-Mart
    Insulation: $9.00 Foam pad from Wal-Mart
    Optional: $12.00 Adjustable structural ridgeline from
    Total: $30.00 - $42.00
    Keep it simple. The more crap you have and the more complicated it is, the more likely it is to break. Get back to basics man!

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    Newbie tarp

    Hey I've been hanging for years but I've never gotten a tarp (I take the tent if there is a chance of rain). The first few people posting kept recommending the gear guide 12x12 tarp. And for the price I don't think I could make anything that cheap. They r sold out so what would y'all suggest as being comparable?

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