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    Quote Originally Posted by Owl View Post
    You won't go wrong with most of the "higher end" hammocks you see people use here...HH Hex tarp, HH Explorer Deluxe hammock, and I use the HHSS undercover and a good sleeping bag. Slept like a baby every time out.
    Encouraging, thank you Owl. I'll watch for opinions about flatness and fetal side sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger View Post

    I am just having a hard time the the pad versus under quilt and top quilt part of all this

    I'm not that long experienced either, but I have been thru the gear selection process. Like you, I wanted to start off trying the CCF pad before putting money into an UQ.

    After using my WBBB with and without the CCF pad, I quickly decided I didn't like a pad. A hammock naturally conforms to your shape as you lay in it. When you put a pad in it, you introduce ridgidity into what you're laying on, a hard surface against your body that doesn't conform. I found it uncomfortable.

    I sprung for a 3S UQ and haven't looked back. I also just ordered a 3/4 UQ for long distance hiking.

    As for a topquilt. I've been using my down Lost Ranger sleeping bag. Geez, what a pain a bag is trying to get into properly in a hammock. Just ordered a topquilt to replace it and reduce weight by 26 oz. over that of the bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailryder42 View Post
    I'm not that long experienced either, but I have been thru the gear selection process. Like you, I wanted to start off trying the CCF pad before putting money into an UQ.
    I am thinking of the CCF pad so I can save up for the UQ. I don't necessarily mind putting the money in it, just have to get it first.

    Here about do you do your hangin'? You going over to NM or elsewhere? Any hangin' ops in Caprock Canyons or near you? I know you're not driving down to Tulia for a place to hang.

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    Byer Hammock

    Quote Originally Posted by Hang'inScout View Post
    I am going to Buy a Byer of mane Mosketo Traveler.... i am going to try it out this weekend, it will be my first time sleeping in a hamock i will post how i like it and kinda a review... Keep Hnging
    Hang'in Scout
    I just bought two Byer Moskito Hammocks for my sons. We slept in them a few times in the backyard and we find it a better sleep and more comfortable than my Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip (and I love my HH).

    I've tried a ridgeline with the Byer, but it just doesn't seem to need one. I bought some Amsteel Blue and made whoopie slings, got some polyurethane tree straps from So I'm good to go on a cheap suspension.

    I'm still working on the tarp situation. I don't have the money to buy my dream tarp. My sons just need a tarp to stay dry in any weather for a five-day trip to Lake Lila, NY.

    I tried a couple of Coleman tent tarps but both leaked. I tried some seam sealer, but it's not the seams that are leaking. I guess the polyurethane coating just gave out on the fabric.

    I thought of trying to waterproof the Coleman tarps, but I've heard mixed reactions about the success of these products.

    I also tried a cheap 10x12 blue tarp from EMS. I barely put any tension on it when hanging but the grommets tore immediately. Lesson learned - don't put much tension on el cheapo blue tarp. I might try out a heavier polyethylene tarp.

    I've found a lot of favorable comments about the Guide Gear tarp, which is certainly in my price range, but it's been sold out for months everywhere.

    So I'm still looking for a tarp solution for my two sons. My 12-year old has already hung a few times, so he's hooked. However, I want to make sure my 19-year old doesn't have a miserable experience, since this is his first hammock trip. A leaky tarp would really ruin his trip.

    I just don't feel ready to make a DIY tarp, but I'm leaning that way. Tyvek, along with some Tyvek tape seems a viable, cheap tarp, but I'll need to do a lot more reading. I could see a simple Tyvek tarp with marbles or stones tied off with rope for tie-outs. Some say Tyvek is noisy when it's new, but I kind of like the sound it makes.

    I'm really not ready to go whole hog into sewing a Silnylon tarp right now. Maybe I'll just wait for Santa to bring me some kind of 4-season Cuben tarp, if I'm a good boy.

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    Im new here and have slept 3 night in a HH expedition, loved it, but im a little tall for it. My daughter was happy and took it as hers. Anyways im looking to get a hammock system for myself. Ive looked at the HH explorer then found this site. I like th WBBB, the foot space and side storage looks great. Im hoping to keep everything around 5 lbs or less. I normally trip in the BW, and will be soling alot in the future. I would like to stay under $300, not sure if I will need a UQ, usually im camping in 40F+ weather. Another question is what do you use to keep water, mud from splashing up in heavy rains? Or does a good tarp protect from that? Thanks for any help.

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    Just got my gear sorted and a trial "hang". I'm pleased.....................

    WBBB 1.7 double $175.

    Kelty Noah 9 tarp $60.

    Te-Wa underquilt $190.

    Wiggy's poncho liner cover $42.

    and of course the Kermit Chair $130.
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    WBBB 1.7 double
    Superfly tarp
    JRB Katahdin OQ
    Thermarest RidgeRest Solar Mattress Large pad

    The pad is the only part I think I screwed up on, 25"w x 77"l x 3/4"t. I didn't take into account the packed size 9 1/2" diameter x 25"long. I'm either going to have to cut it down a bit, or strap it vertical, on the back of the pack. The pad is probably going to get replaced with an UQ

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    More Confused


    there is alot of info here and some great ideas

    But now I am even more confused

    I will be doing most of my hanging in the Midwest(Spring , Summer Fall)
    skeeters are killer some areas Temperatures probably from 80'- low 40's

    Here is my idea (from research)

    I like the complete setup from Clark NX250 (I am 6' Tall 240lbs)

    I like the included netting and weather cover
    probably go with a Larger Tarp
    I like to cook out of the rain and maybe sit to wait out a storm and stay dry

    I would like to change to straps and probably whoopie slings

    SO I am looking for more suggestions and confusion

    can I create all of this for less$$$$$ and still be happy

    I would also probably like to use a bishop bag setup so that I can leave the top quilt and hammock together and store the tarp and lines seperately
    I have seen some great info on this type of set up

    I will probably make a cuben fabric bag with pocket or ties for the tarp
    outside of the bag

    I have all weekend to read the suggestions and get even more confused


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    i got my first hammock setup put together over a year and a half ago. i have over 400 continuous nights sleeping in the hammock (excluding a few business trips having to sleep in terrible hotel beds)....

    my hammock setup:
    old ralph lauren comforter cover,basicly 2 heavy king size sheets (free)
    dollar store towing ropes (50' for $4)
    generic green metal tube hammock stand (free from neighbor)
    underquilt is a 10' piece of fleece tied at the ends of the hammock($6)
    yoga mat for a pad ($3)

    i sleep in this setup every night and my back problems disappeared....!

    i have been buying other hammocks and experimenting and some are cheap while others cost a fortune but i still sleep every night in a gathered end hammock made of old sheets!

    now i am putting together a outdoor setup which will be super light weight but i think you can have fun hammocking for cheap the deal is just getting started.......

    this is the best forum!

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    HH Supershelter
    HH Explorer Deluxe with the hex tarp and loving it.

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