It only took about six different trips out to the city park to get all the shots I wanted, but I got it all and had an edit-fest.
These two videos go through some techniques useful in a cord-based suspension.

Topics covered in the first video include

  • attaching cord to hammock
  • attaching cord to webbing
  • tie-off using a buntline hitch (what WBG recommends for his cord-based BB)
  • garda hitch
  • Marlinspike hitch

The second video completes the discussion by talking about
  • Trucker's hitch
  • sliding ring adjustment
  • structural ridgeline
  • single line suspension

The main thing I want to illustrate is that with only a smattering of knot smarts one can assemble a cord-based suspension that is considerably lighter and less bulky than webbing, but very nearly as easy-to-use and flexible. Even with mittens on.