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Rev, Kurt-
thanks for the suggestions. I haven't figured out whether youtube allows one to replace one version of the video for another---I tried doing that when the youtube automated digital rights police busted me for using the audio of "Bridge over Troubled Water" that I lifted from youtube...

but I ought to be able to put this information in the notes section of the video's page.

I'm on it...

There are now ways of changing a sound track I believe, but I don't think the video itself can be changed. That would require removing the one and reposting the replacement in which case you would remove the original stats which have accumulated. Not a big deal for _me_ since stats and I have no mutual assistence understanding whatsoever. But I can imagine for a quant the compromise could be quite devastating.

In all serious tho, it would be a shame to lose what you already have accumulated. The idea of posting them in your notes on line is a much better solution anyway imo as it allows that information to be accessed without having to watch the vid to the end.