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    I didn't do nothin'. On another forum I was bemoaning the fact that I was going to have to leave the outdoors if I wasn't able to change some of my kit. I was offered (free of charge) an internal frame pack that did not fit my torso but did convince me that internal was the way to go. I was also given, free of charge, a HH Safari complete with Hex tarp. I figured "I can't go wrong." Well, long story short I was asking questions and Hog On Ice suggested I come over here. The rest is history. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, hat and tote bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishinFinn View Post
    But Matahari (May the pebbles have been counted in her favor, and the winds be at her back) convinced me in her posts about the Clark NA.

    FishinFinn you could have not put that any better


    I sure do miss her I have allot of fond memories of her and I's phone conversations and email/PMs before she bought her's what a great Spirit.

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    Sep 2008
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    What got me started was reading an AT 2007 trailjournal of a hammock user. She wrote how much more comfortable a night in the woods was with a hammock (no back or hip pain)and mentioned the HF site. So for 4 months, I lurked on this HF site. It took me a while to learn the lingo and learn to tie knots, but I learned alot from HF and from Justjeff's site. I then check out a hangout event to get a good idea of what it would really be like. That was back in Sept 08. I signed up for HF after that trip b/c I knew hammocking was the way to go for me. Since then, I've not bought much, just a cheap $10 ripstop tarp. But I've been having fun making a few things.

    The hammock was easy to do, just had to work out the whipping a bit, but got it down so I'm comfortable. I think the sewing was the hardest thing to start. A bit intimidating with flash backs of 8th grade home ec, but I've gotten over it.

    The suspension system took me a while to figure out what I wanted. I went with tree huggers/carabiners/rope set up. The bug net is another interesting project that I am still working on. Not sure if I want to loop it around my ridgeline or tie it to the carabiner, or attach it to the hammock.

    As for an underquilt. I think I can make one, but for the hangout event this weekend, I'll use my down mummy bag inside the hammock. I tried to use an old sleeping bag and just wrap it around the underside of the hammock and tie it to my carabiner with some shock cord and that was way to heavy.

    My set up might be pretty ghetto right now, but I am having a blast learning to do it on my own. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. Plus, like most of you, I'm always trying to find what the latest/lightest option are out there.

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    DIY hex
    DIY 3 season tq+uq
    webbing, again

    This is a great resource

    I stumbled on to this site, lurked awhile, finally joined. Every hammock comment on whiteblaze and other sites seemed to refer folks back to this site.

    I received an ENO Doublenest for a gift, but built 2 hammocks prior to receiving it, just to try my hand at building one. I have since built several more, all speer style, different whippings, different materials, just playing around.

    After a doing few tarp projects (I now have to build tarps for the people I built the hammocks for), I plan to try to build a Blackbird style hammock and then a bridge style.

    This site is a super resource for hammock campers, those considering it, or those who, like me, jump from project/hobby to project/hobby. It lets me pick up a little knowledge, build a few skills, and have a little fun in the process.

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    I am new to HF and hanging. I camp 30+ nights a year with the scouts and also a biker. I was tired of having to eat a handful of Tylenol every morning to get my creaky body functional. I saw another scouter with a HH and it was love at first site. Perfect for scout camping and small enough to pack on the bike.

    I just found this site by accident and still trying to absorb all the accumulated knowledge. I am glad i didnt find this site before i purchased as i would have studied it to death and had to deal with the fear that i made the wrong decision.

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    BB straps,whoopies
    I was at a local scout show overnight camping event and noticed a fellow scouter hanging up his hammock. Well I had to investigate. After getting in his hammock, a Clark that he'd bought from yet another scouter, and then not wanting to get back out of it, I KNEW I would be getting myself one!! If that guy had told me he'd sell his I would have bought it on the spot. I ordered mine the next week. I think I found this site right after I ordered my Clark. Now I'm headed to Hot Springs in the hope of trying out some of the other brands!!

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    I surfed the web for a short while and only found Speers, HH, and Clark's. Took the plunge with a Clark, but as I was waiting for it to arrive, I found Sgt. Rock's website, and that just led to other websites i had never seen and helped on info i really wanted but couldn't find at first concerning what these hammock brand could or couldn't do. Eventually got to HF.

    If I would've found that website before doing my purchase, It might have saved me the big money.

    Lesson learned... deep search before buying anything through the internet...
    "This is what i love about backpacking... Just clean your stuff by licking it." - Shug

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    I actually ran across the hammock yahoo group, I believe Ed Speer's group and was considering something very different from my Claytor (which shall go unnamed). Then Neo got a hold of me . Guess what, I bought a Claytor JH.

    I did find out about HF about the third day I was part of the Yahoo Group. It has been a great resource to me and I digested it over and over for about 6 weeks before I made a purchase. I have particularly enjoyed the DIY stuff. Part of the rugged independence of this group.

    I could easily spend thousands of dollars on stuff I find here. It is fun to live vicariously through the purchases, DIY experiences, and trip reports of others. When my ship comes in, I will share my stuff here as well.
    “Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.”
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    Woopie Sling
    I was at a Scout Outdoor Leader skills (IOLS) training and noticed that one of the instructors had camped in a hammock the previous night at the training camp site. From there I started asking questions. He was using a ZHammock that he made and he refered me to check out Risk's site and then I found JustJeff, Sgt Rocks. I asked him about what other people use and of course he mentioned all the ones that are talked about here (HH, Speer, Clark,...) on HF, except for the BB. At some point, one of these site mentioned HF (it might of been Risk's site, not sure) I started reading, reading, and reading. I signed up and won't be leaving.

    This site is amazing on how much you can learn from it and the experienced members.

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    I studied HF like some kind of junkie, then made my own, before I bought...
    "Blackbird swinging in the dead of night..."

    See Wah Wah

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