Has anybody used this particular brand of mason line for tarp guylines?

I have been testing it on and off for a year or so and I am quite happy with it. It is super light and it does not have many of the drawbacks of all the other mason line that I have tried.

It stretches less, but it is nylon so it does stretch a little
It is really hard to tangle, which is what really turned me off to other mason line.
It has a slight "memory" and is not limp like other mason lines
Break strength rated by manufacturer is 150 lbs
It works well with dutch hooks and linelocs
don't know actual weight but a 4 ft line weighs less than 2 grams

It is kind of pricy for mason line at $11-$18 and it seems to fluctuate wildly on amazon from week to week
It also comes in bright colors so you will be less likely to trip over it.

I also use it for suspension for my poncho tarp.

So yeah...let me know if anybody has tried it/liked it/hated it/etc
I have used 400ft from this spool (mostly for guylines and I have yet to have any problems, so I would really like to hear your experience