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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    See Post #1, Item 14.
    Got it! I think one problem might be that some folks set up default display to see the oldest post at the top and some (like me) set it up to see the newest post at the top.

    Anyway, thanks!

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    You may be right about print preview.
    You could always 'print' to an XPS file and then open the file. This is sort of like taking the print job and turning it into a PDF file which you may be more familiar with.
    I find it very handy for some things. In some cases I can take a PDF I want to edit, print to an XPS file and copy and past the contents of the XPS into Word and then edit to my hearts content.
    If I want to save an order confirmation page online, printing it to an XPS file makes far more sense then printing it on paper.

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