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    New MacCat Deluxe Clone and Rolled Hammock

    So I just finished my MacCat Deluxe clone and decided to take some pics with my new rolled hammock.

    EDIT: Yes, I know it is not taut, but I was getting annoyed and just wanted it set up.
    Both of these pics were taken right before I broke my ego.

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    very nice job..looks like a pro job to it sleeps well too..

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    The hammock is 120", but I will put a ridge line in for 100" and the Tarp is 130".

    EDIT: I am trying to figure out if I should make a permanent ridge line or a removable one. I am not sure why I would ever really need to remove the ridge line.
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    DIY, gathered end , w/ spreader
    DIY w/ pull-outs
    DAM/ HG Incubator
    Webbing and rings
    looks great. if you ever become concerned about the slim coverage at the hammock ends, you may want to take another look at the storage end covers.
    i need to get back on that project & show a trimer, simpler version that would be more attractive to folks. ...tim
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    I think, once I have a ridge line the coverage will be fine.

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    Looks good lvleph! Now you've got to take a trip and try it out.

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    Yep, this weekend I am going out. I haven't figured out where, but I know it will be in Northern/Central Virginia. I am hoping to make it to SEHHA, but I need to come up with a ride. I am going to try and add a ridge line to the hammock so that it is more comfortable. I have it set up to use a removable ridge line. Sorry that I have no pic of the hammock. When I set it up for that pic it fell. I didn't have the ring buckles secured.

    I am thinking of having a removable bug netting, but I don't want to use a zipper, and I am unsure if Velcro will work on a HH clone (with no bottom entry).
    I have decided that the Figure 9s are what I will use for the ridge tie outs on the tarp. Those cams cannot be used for that. I did manage to use them but not in the way they are intended to be used. It is funny the way one comes up with *******ized ways of doing things when one wants to just get it up.

    I still need to seem seal the tarp. I will probably do that today. One thing I learned to simplify the construction of the MacCat is to try and not cut any of the curves until you have everything measured and drawn out. Then I put the second panel underneath the one with all the lines drawn and cut both at the same time. In addition, I hate to pin, so when I was pinning the edges to get ready for hemming I realized most of the hemming problems are caused by the corners and so I just pinned the corners. This made things so much quicker. Oh, and double sewing the hem IMO makes it look so much cleaner. I am definitely going to do that on my Micro clone.

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    Man, that setup looks great. This site has spawned some great DIY gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post
    Man, that setup looks great. This site has spawned some great DIY gear.

    and less help for new folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewker View Post
    and less help for new folks.
    What do you mean by that?

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