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    I did the exact same thing! At $40 it was a steal, but when it came in I had the exact same issues! Like why is it red, why is it so heavy and rated at 12oz, it doesn't say UL anywhere, etc.. But when I type in SBH-01 on google, most results seem to indicate that it's the Skeeter Beeter UL, perhaps an older version of it.

    I think the only gripe is that if you weighed it at 31oz with their suspension, and the latest UL model is 20oz with their suspension, then I've got an extra 9oz I wasn't expecting to lug around. But whatever, it was cheap and will be great for day-to-day use, if not on longer backpacking expeditions.

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    I bought the exact same thing from the Clymb and the one that came in was navy blue. I have a sb pro for my 10 year old, which is green, and this one was for my 8 year old. I hung it up and it is definitely a little shorter, but still just as nice. Wish I got the red one. I have a red ENO dbl nest and sleep great in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truescotsman View Post
    Yeah, it has Grand Trunk printed on the bag. I guess it's an older or new model from anything they have online. I am thinking the weight must be a misprint. You couldn't get a hammock with an integrated bug net for that kind of weight. Right?

    Anyone have trouble sleeping in a RED hammock?
    No I have a Red, Blue, and Mint Green Grand Trunks Double, also Yellow Single, as well as a Green Ultralight
    I will Try to load pics.IMG_1802.jpgIMG_1812.jpgIMG_1815.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truescotsman View Post
    Yeah, it has Grand Trunk printed on the bag. I guess it's an older or new model

    Anyone have trouble sleeping in a RED hammock?
    Oh, a RED HAMMOCK, wow, if I did not have too many hammocks already I would love a Red Hammock. Carefully considered making my bridge hammock out of red, but I used Dutch's Argon, no red, kind of sad!

    I would contact the vendor and discuss the situation, you did not get what your ordered, I think they should either replace it or refund part of the purchase price or make some sort of consultation. You read the description and expected to receive what you ordered. Red is not Green, I will bet most people who ordered Green would not want the Red. Give a call to whomever you made the purchase from and see what they tell you. If they do not refund the amount you paid and any/all postage, have a discussion with your credit card company, they will help you sort it out. I have done that very thing and it ended up in a win/win situation, all very civil.

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