Glad to see you want to go again lugnut!

I expected some bugs, but those spiders were malicious. My face looks like one of the tweens with acne, 'cept my little red bumps are from the spiders and skeeters. A more fitting title in my head is "The battle of spider hill". It was a great trip, and hope to relive it in the future, next time, however, I will be more prepared for spider storms, and will hike the southern mountains as well.

The area was absolutely beautiful and full of awesome features. I especially enjoyed the "mission to mars" area we stumbled upon on our hike out. I worked on my fire making skills with damp jungle tinder and wood, learned how necessary a bugnet is in a jungle, and found out that the philipine bar deer bark like dogs.

My gear performed great. My XLC and HG CF tarp had their first trip out this time around and both worked flawlessly. I could see Mars shining bright through my tarp and about 3am I woke up thinking it was sunrise only to find out the half moon was lighting up my shelter like a high beam flashlight. It was a curse in a way Saturday around 11 when the sun was beaming through it.

All in all it was a great trip and I look forward to another opportunity in the jungle with pincushion aka lugnut.

good stuff.