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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneiderlein View Post

    nacra533, did you ever get any testing results for these?
    First... Wow, didn't expect to see this revisited.

    Schneiderlein ..Sorry, did not ever get test results. I gave several to a guy to destruct, he sold his share of the business and did not test them. I feel comfortable with their strength, your results may vary. 7/64 is getting pretty small from a chafe factor. I would feel better with 1/8". Also, I like the lanyard knot for the reasons below, but for safety if hanging from it, I would trust an Ashley stopper or proven stopper more.

    To all, I appologize for forgetting about posting the pics in the whoopie sling thread. Been gone all weekend. Will try to comment on the few questions that weren't answered by others.

    The reason I chose a lanyard knot, which is I think 2 carrick bends, is because I wanted to be able to trim the tails flush and have a "ball" at the end. The ones in the magazine had a ball end and I wanted to copy it. I was using spectra and vectran at the time. Spectra doesn't melt easily, but it does. Vectran doesn't melt with a butane lighter, so I needed a way to keep a clean look without all the tails unravelling. Most stoppers need some amount of tail to prevent capsizing and failure. Any bulky stopper knot would work. I used the Ashley stopper knot for a while when I was "developing/copying" these.

    The lanyard knot takes a little practice and patience to work the knot tight and keep the leg lengths correct. It's not hard, just finicky.

    This looks like it.

    I make mine small, because they replace small clevis shackles on a boat. A finished length of 6-8" works well. Smaller gets hard to tie and I never had a reason to make them longer.

    I played around a lot with 1)leaving 2 legs separate and tieing a stopper, 2) splicing the two legs back together and tieing a stopper a single line using an Ashely stopper or similar, and 3) splicing the 2 legs back together, then separating them again to tie the lanyard knot. I like the looks of the two legs spliced together, but it is more work.

    Others have mentioned already. This came out shortly before the spectra, ucr, single line suspension development that TeeDee, Frawg, ZA206, and some others started working on simultaneously, so not many people were keeping up with "knot tying". I think these 2 ultimately led to the Whoopie Sling as we know it. I still consider myself a Nub, but there have been a lot of folks join HF since I posted this originally.

    My thoughts are these are easy and cool looking. I like to splice the tails back together because I like splicing line and it makes them look better and tougher to build. That way if anyone ever says make me one, I can put a high price on it like the suppliers do.

    Read the wikipedia on carrick bend about strength and capsizing.
    The fully interwoven diagonal Carrick bend is the most secure variation. All other forms are inferior[3] and not recommended as bends.[1]
    Although the Carrick bend has a reputation for strength, some tests have shown it to be as weak as 65% efficiency.[1]
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