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    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyAdams View Post
    Oh dear, in the sad but true category. A Dutch Clip replacement is the perfect application for these necrabiners.

    The cool factor in high tech is so fleeting
    I'm feeling so 2009 right now.
    It turns out I'm beta in a dvd world.
    Like some door to door typewriter repairman.
    The ugly girl at a high school dance.
    Billy Joel on New Years Day 1990.
    Or the old frail horse that worked his life away to plow the fields, but has been put out to pasture.
    Some overweight aging disco dude rollerskating alone on Hollywood Bvd.
    Cannibal's discarded ULBA.
    Jan from the Brady bunch.
    Pop rocks
    Billy Joel after Christie Brinkley left him.
    Leftover meatloaf forgotten in the back of the refrigerator.
    The mullet.

    I don't wanna be a mullet.
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