We took a short gear testing trip this weekend to Adair wildlife Management area in Kentucky. A quick 2 mile hike in and we found a great place to setup. There is no overnight camping but, hammocks are welcome. All this stuff worked great in the basement this winter and the weather has finally yielded. It sure was nice to be outside again. Of particular interest was the tarp that Squidbilly had made for me. The winds were high (gusting to 20 mph) and the tarp was solid. It was a good fit for my hammock, four side pulls, shock corded tie downs, very nice love it. I highly suggest contacting him for any of your custom needs. I also got a set of stuff sacks that worked out great from him too. A hillbilly hammock under the hammock filled with insulation was tried out at 38 degrees. Total fail...CBS in about 20 minutes. I will be going back to the tried and true jarbidge.

imag0381.jpg imag0380.jpg IMAG0378.jpg

I also tried out a new stove that worked out great but, a through description of which will have to be at another thread in the members forum.