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    Backyard Winter Hang

    My set-up can be seen in this thread:

    But - did my first hang last night in my backyard! I think the low got down to the single digits but I remained warm throughout, with the exception of my face. I think a slight breeze was running the length of my hammock though couldn't do anything about it given my limited hang options.

    I did notice - mostly when I woke up this morning - that I had slid down towards the foot end of my hammock. How do I correct this on my next hang?

    Otherwise, my 15'f bag and 35'f TQ and 0'f UQ kept me warm until the coldest hour before I woke up. Though I think I had shifted around a bit and lost some of my warmth by that point. Still, slept decently, though up quite early and quite a bit tired.

    This is all in preparation of a XC Ski Hang on friday night - add 1000ft of elevation to where I am now. Should hopefully be warm enough though getting a fire started is questionable at best.

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    Congrats on your hang! Most people find hanging the head end 6 to 12 inches lower than the foot end keeps you from sliding towards the foot and increases comfort. Have fun.

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