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    please help me decide

    I have done lots of research and I'm still finding it difficult to make a decision. It is my first hammock and I need it all - hammock, tarp, bugnet, insulation (unless I use my ccf) - so I have decided on the hennessy.
    I am 5'3", 130lbs. I do several 4 day canoe trips each summer. Would maybe use it late spring or early fall. Nothing extreme. (But seem to catch a crazy thunder storm during each trip to keep it exciting.)
    Thinking that expedition on sale with supershelter would work. I don't have the opportunity to try them before buying. Any folks out there about my size have any advice about what you prefer? Should I upgrade tarp or not bother? Such conflicting reviews everywhere about the supershelter...

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    If you are going to use it mostly in the summer I would suggest the expedition without the supershelter. If you are using a warm sleeping bag you should be fine. I recommend planning an overnighter just to get accustomed to the hammock.

    Do you need a bigger tarp? I have been in some mean storms with the stock tarp and did just fine BUT it isn't big enough to cover more than the hammock. If you want to pitch a tarp for coverage in camp (a place to cook and lounge) you may want to go bigger.

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    The Expedition should be perfect for you. If you have need to cook or lounge during those crazy storms I would definitely go with a larger tarp.

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    Seeing your from MB it can get cool at night I would get the supper shelter as they are on sale right now. I would consider a larger than stock tarp. I did go with the stock tarp and ended up buying the Hex tarp after my first trip with lots of rain.

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    I can buy an exped zip from mec for $160 (+tax) If I go through hennessy there are more options - end up costing me about $298(cad + tax +$15shipping (with the ss, hextarp, snakeskins) I guess that what I'm really wondering is if the extras are really worth the extra $140 or so... And maybe that's just a matter of personal preference.

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    I think the $300 package from Hennessy is well worth it - I just made the same purchase about two weeks ago (and received it today!).

    The larger tarp is a must for rainy, windy weather. You are going to need something underneath you to keep you warm on the those nights when it dips down below +20c and the SS is on sale for 50% off. As for the snakeskins, I love them. I purchased a custom set from MountainGoat for my WB BB 1.7 and it works great on my SuperFly. I am about to order a second set for my HH set up (one for the hammock and SS; and one for the Hex tarp).

    I also put through an order through with Dutch to hang my Hex tarp. For me the tarp is separate and always goes up first (and down last). It does not matter that the tarp is wet from rain or dew as it will be in its own snakeskin, packed separately from the hammock.


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    The HH Expedition would work great for you... send me a PM

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    Go for the larger tarp.everything else should be ok for what your u seing it for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianShield View Post
    I can buy an exped zip from mec for $160 (+tax) If I go through hennessy there are more options - end up costing me about $298(cad + tax +$15shipping (with the ss, hextarp, snakeskins) I guess that what I'm really wondering is if the extras are really worth the extra $140 or so... And maybe that's just a matter of personal preference.
    After reading this and going to HH to see what the sale was about, I realized that HH is also now offering a super shelter designed for the zip model only. So I guess the UC's bottom opening is no longer there? Well some folks using zip models complained about that opening in the UC so there you go.

    You are going to have to keep your backside warm one way or another, I bet it gets cold often up where you live. And a pad is not only less comfy according to most folks, but can be a bear to stay on top of in a single layer hammock like these HHs. So a HHSS at 1/2 price is a pretty good way to go.

    You will not need the larger tarp when using with the HHSS, because the sil-nylon UC is wind and water proof so it blocks any sideways rain and wind and splashup. But, a large tarp is very luxurious for when you, and visitors, want to hang out in a prolonged rain or even cold, windy weather when you don't want to have to huddle inside your tarp.

    I love snake skins, over the hammock or tarp or both. Makes for a fast camp set up and tear down and you can just strap all of it outside your pack if so desired.

    If you decide to get that HHSS, be sure and use a 2 oz space blanket with it.
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    You won't be disappointed with a Hennessy Hex. I have one and it's great. If you ever want doors
    down the road, 2QZQ amongst others can add them on for you.

    All the best,
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