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    As another novice, thanks to everyone for posting in here! I had a lot of the same questions and most of them were reflected on!

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    Color me impressed. I ordered this less than a week ago and got it in the mail today. Unbelievable!! I did a jerry-rigged set up just to see what it all looked like. I still need to get stakes and cord to tie up the tarp.

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    I'm a new forum member and found this thread extremely helpful. Thank you all.

    A friend recommended hennessy hammocks to me several weeks ago. After doing lots of research, mostly here on the hammock forum, I decided to go with the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC and Mambajamba tarp. It should be here in time for me to take it to Boy Scout summer camp here in South Texas.

    I'm looking forward to being off the ground, cooler, and mosquito free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp9102 View Post
    here in South Texas.

    I'm looking forward to being off the ground, cooler, and mosquito free.
    Look at a hand-held battery powered fan, with a little biner to clip to your ridge line. I got some at Wally-World for a few bucks. O2O brand I think? takes 2 AA's. Nice to clip up and aim at your head.
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    That's great advice. I'll do it.

    Thank you!

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    You made the best choice. The double layer will allow a pad to be used. On a through hike you have to consider the likelihood of spending some nights in a shelter and hence an inflatable pad may be the better choice over an UQ. I myself would probably take a 3/4 pad and a torso UQ, but I am not speaking from the experience of having done the AT end to end. Good luck with your hike!
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    Thanks to everyone for the great information and insights. I also am a noob to the forum as well as Hammocks. I purchased a Hennessy Expedition Asym classic along with the Super Shelter to provide some additional warmth for some spring camping.

    If you all wouldn't mind a couple of follow up questions to what has been posted here, is a DL hammock intended to be used in the same way Hennessy markets the SS?

    I am also right at 6ft tall and 225 lbs, I bought the Expedition because it listed these weights and heights as it's limits. After reading many posts on this forum, it would appear that most of the more experienced folks recommend a much larger hammock for a guy my size then the 100" Expedition I purchased. Am I reading this wrong?

    Lastly, it appears that when it come to under insulation, it's an either or when folks talk about UQ and Pads. So are they not compatable?

    Thanks in advance, I hope I'm not hijacking the thread...
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    Pads and UQs can be used together but not very well. You would need to practice using them under controlled condition.

    Also not mentioned is that one should attend a group hang. You can learn a lot in a couple of days at a group hang because its hands on and you can see the different gear in use. At a group hang I held recently, half the hammocks where BBs and each hammock was set up slightly different and being used with different tarps, UQs and TQs ect. All methods worked and it was fun to see the different ways folks where setting up their gear.
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    Just to follow up...I used my WBBB XLC part of the time at Scout Summer Camp this past week...average day temps were over 100 deg w/ heat index. Nights were in the 70s. I took both tent/cot/thermarest and my Blackbird. The Blackbird is infinitely more comfortable than ground sleeping. I'm definitely a convert.

    Thank you all for the advice.

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