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    Just wanted to touch base with everyone who gave me so much helpful information this spring, on the Arbuckle hike. I think your homemade stoves were so clever. I have recently made my first attempt making a wood stove with the quart paint can. Turned out pretty good, but not sure about the hole placement or size. Boiled water in 7 minutes, smoked a lot and hard to keep burning. I fear that I am going to make many of these stoves until I get it right. I also made 3 soda can, alcohol burners. It took three attempts to get it right. The 91% isopopyl alcohol burned very yellow and took 11 minutes to boil water. I tried a small amount of moonshine in it next and it burned blue but did not last long. I did not do a boil test, my husband did not want me to waste his moonshine. I had a friend loan me his hennesy hammock, but I tried multiple times to spend the night, only to exit around 2 am unable to sleep. I do look forward to another fall hike but will probably still be in my tent. I will have some new camp items thanks to all of you.

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    Well Jennifer, you have all summer to work on building stoves. We will want to see a demonstration of your assortment of stoves this fall, accompanied by a lecture on the pros, cons & efficiencies of each.

    I myself have hiked into Arbuckle with 5 stoves and never had to use one twice the whole weekend.
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