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    jleephoto, there's no doubt you have actually been out and paddled in the same types of rivers I do. You make some great points about the terrain next to the rivers.

    In the end I decided to go with the bullfrog with the double internal pole mod. My decision was tipped when I considered the ability to use those internal poles to set up if I have to go to the ground. I have an idea about how to pitch it with a groundcloth so it will work like a tent. We'll see how that works out when I get it.

    I talked to Marty of WL on the phone yesterday and he really helped me. It would be impossible for anyone to provide better customer service than Marty. We talked about the options on the tarp and how I would use it. He then sewed the tarp the same day and shipped it this morning (the next day)! Unreal! Anyone considering doing business with WL can not go wrong.

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    I really like the way an internal pole mod helps the porch.
    omw porch-poles bw.jpg
    camo bf 2.jpg
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    MrX, look forward to seeing your set up in action. Most of us that are WL fans will likely end up with multiple pieces from him.

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    I received the tarp yesterday, which is amazingly quick. I set it up in the backyard after work before it got dark. I think it's going to need some tweaking. The poles are 113" long with on a ten foot tarp means they are about 7 inches too short. This makes a couple of off things happen. Since I don't use a CRL, the poles are going through a loop on the underside top center of the tarp. Since the poles are too short to fully seat int he pole pockets this loop pull the ridge down and I end up with a small inverted v at the ridge. The short poles also make it kind of tough to get a really tight picture perfect pitch while using them.

    I'm going to order some .344 nanonlite tubes and modify the poles to fit properly. Marty mentioned to me that the poles are short and are the ones they use on the OMW internal mod, but I think the poles are short enough that it impacts performance, particularly when not using a CRL. I will probably experiment with adding a CRL also. I'll update the thread with some pictures of the before and after on the changes.

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    Forget what I said about pole length. It's all about how I was pitching it. I made the poles three inches longer and this helps a little, but the real key is where the stakes are placed in relation to the poles. I LOVE this double internal pole mod. It requires a shift in thinking about how to pitch a tarp and I just wasn't making that mental shift until this evening. It actually sets up really well with the stakes inside the perimeter of the tarp so that the poles are in compression. You sure can't do that with a regular tarp! The cool thing about that is you can go over and adjust the pitch up or down without getting out from under the tarp. I ran out of daylight before getting some pictures but I'll get some this weekend.

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    Cool. Glad you were able to make it work. WL makes great gear and you got some
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    That centre pole mod looks like it opens up the "head room" in the middle section of the tarp a lot higher.

    Maybe that is achievable with other tarps that have centre tie out points? Ill have to try a few things but in the end I think I may be ordering an OMW from Marty.

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