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    I bought one of your hammocks in October of 2012. Are you still cutting the fabric with the same dimensions now as you were then? Do all the models have the same cut, or are they different ( as in the hammock body themselves)?

    Please clarify what "Non-separating zipper" and "separating zipper" means. I believe what you mean is, insect netting can't or can be separated away from the hammock because a zipper is "Non-separating zipper" or "separating" respectively. Is this correct? Rather than bug netting only having one zipper one a side rather than 2 zippers on a side, which would allow the 2 zippers to "separate " away from each other.


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    Always best to contact me directly via email or the contact page on my website

    There have been lots of minor changes to give different models a cleaner, more polished look, but the netting and overcover shape has remained pretty much unchanged.

    Non-separating = zipper halves are fastened together at one or both ends and do not come completely apart. With a non-separating zipper (DangerBird, RoamingGnome or Darien), the netting and/or overcover can not be completely removed from the hammock.


    Separating = zipper halves can be completely separated. This type of zipper is what allows the net and overcover on the ThunderBird to be completely removed from the hammock when wanted.


    If I can be of any further help, please let me know.
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    Thanks for responding. I'll drop you a line next week. Cheers.

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