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    Thumbs up Dutchware CRL

    I do not have the eys for splicing the small stuff, but i wanted my crl to have a clean look and i have been looking at the wasp ever since it came out.
    I also like the Tato rl connecter so i went ahead and ordered Dutch"s new crl with the dutch hook on one end and the titanium wasp on the other, and the Tato connecters, and i have to say that it is a very clean looking set up, every splice looks like it was done by a machine and it works even better than i thought it would..
    Ordered it thursday and it arrived today (saturday)
    I dont know how Dutch can top this one as it is the nicest CRL set up i have ever seen.
    If any of you are on the fence about getting this set up then all i can say is DO IT !! Its an awesome set up and i am happy that i did,, I will be in the group camsite section at MAHHA and anyone is welcome to come and check it out in action if they want but i am sure that there will be quite a few hangers using this new set up and i am sure alot more will want them after they see it in person..

    Hats off to Dutch for this on !!,,....
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