I recently got my first hammock (ENO Doublenest) and have up until last night only used it for relaxing on my college campus and lounging about. Last night I figured I would test sleeping in it for the night and I did not have the best experience. I was unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in and had to move to my bed after 2 hours of restlessness. I was doing my best to lay on the diagonal but I was still unable to get a flat lay. I had the most discomfort with my legs being hyper-extended. I guess I am just looking for some tips and tricks so that I can get some sleep because I have some camping trips planned and I do not want to go back to the ground, obviously.

Also, in a bed I usually sleep on my stomach. That may have something to do with it but I can't see how I would be able to sleep like that in a hammock.