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    problem with WBBB clone... help!

    well I am getting close to putting my bugnet on, but before i do that i needed to dial my rigeline in, (by the way this is my first hammock ) and after setting it up i find that the shelf seems waaay too high. the fabric was wider than normal 68'' so i think that this might have made the shelf too high? or at least it seems like it is.

    is it possibly the gathered ends thats making the footbox side ride so high? something has to be up because the pictures ive seen do not look like this. i included a picture from the "zippered" end to show how high it is riding.



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    Almost certainly due to the fabric being so wide

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamicsnail View Post
    Almost certainly due to the fabric being so wide
    hmm... think that by whipping instead of using the channel i can compensate for that a bit? or is it too far in the production stage to really do anything about it?

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    Well you might be able to rip out the seam on the zipper side if you've already installed the zipper, and then trim a few inches of material off so it is less wide.
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    well being lazy and having more ripstop if it goes wrong i think i fixed the problem I cut a hole about 6 inches on each channel on the shelf/footbox end and whipped through that, then larksheaded under it, the shelf looks 1000% better. How well it will hold up im not sure but i gave it a test run and it seems to be doing well for short periods at least! I will strenthen up the spot in the channel i cut the hole in just in case though.

    Now to put on the bugnet.. this could be rough.

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