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    MULtipurpose Winter tarp, Undercover, Removable reflective internal tarp roof

    Reading a bunch of different winter related threads the last week I had a brain drizzle (Too old for brain storms.) Now mind you these might be stupid ideas. So I am looking for you masters to set be straight.
    You can get an Ultimate Hext tarp from Amazon for $40-50.. It has six tie off points the fabric does not have ripstop threads but I could not tear the fabick.

    Here is my idea. 40+ mile an hour winds puts a heck of a strain on the tarps. I would like a winter tarp with closable door but also want to the ability to use the winter tarp to wrap around the entire hammock to reduce the wind sail plan and hopefully the likelihood of me falling and breaking my neck. (Thanks to a drunk driver hitting me head on I already have about 6 fused vertebrae, thank you very much)
    In effect just an other method of rigging. Possibly a couple bungee cords could be attacked to the center on each side of the hammock to reduce the wind caused swinging.

    Next idea involves the reflective tarp. My goal here is to have the reflective material on the underside of the tarp with coverage about 81/2 feet long on the ridgeline and each side long enough to cover the sides of the hammock. Elsewhere I talk about my candle heater project that would reflect the heat down on me. A question is should the reflective tarp have no tarp on top of it and then what difficulties will I encounter is I attached sil material everywhere else that the reflective material is not required when I build the tarp to its total size. More later.
    regards to all

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    Is this a tarp that you're gonna DIY or are you looking for an off the shelf tarp? Off the shelf, a Warbonnet Superfly fits a lot of your needs. If it needs to be reflective so you can find it in the dark you could use reflective cordage to deploy the tarp. If you want a space blanket type layer to reflect heat, I can't help with that, but I will warn you about using silnylon with an open flame; silnylon is very flammable. You could look into fire-resistant-PU-coated nylon, you can even get it in camo. I've seen emergency ponchos with the reflective space blanket on the undersides but, they're made from poly and probably too flimsy for a tarp.
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