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    UCO CANDLE WINTER HAMMOC HEATER with protective outer can for safety

    last night I started my "Flesh and gear FRIENDLY OVER-CAN for my UCO 9 hour candle HEATER".
    I did not finish but based on replies to my other post(that I cannot currently find --computer illiterate) I wanted to post a quick how to do it list

    Disclaimer: Be careful folks! We are playing with FIRE, GLASS THAT WILL BREAK, cans with sharp edges, knives, drills etc. Please do not expect your grasp to exceed your reach; you will get hurt. (Ask me how I know; want to compare scars?)

    1.) Get a FOCO `17.6 oz Coconut Juice Can (ie: Jugo de coco.) This is a particularly good can because it is just wide and tall enough for the UCO candle extended to fit in the can. This can also has 18 total strengthening ridges pre-made in the can. It also is thicker than a similarly sized beer can.
    2.) Cut off the can lid with a safety side cutting can opener. Clean up any sharp edges with emory wet sand paper.
    3.) Put UNLIT extended UCO with the Handle pointing up in the can. Use a marker to mark the extended top of the UCO Candle holder in the can.
    4.) Slightly above the top of the UCO candle holder about 3/8"-1/2", which is down from the Foco can opened top, make 6 equally spaced around the can 1/2" wide by 1" tall rectangles on the outside of the can.
    5.) Now go at least 1" below the bottom of that top row of rectangle and draw 6 more similar rectangles that are OFFSET from the top ROW of Drawn rectangles.
    If you put then all in line the can will be too weak and will fail in your pack.
    6.) Since you are now into the STRONG Ridged area, you only need to go down 1/2" from the row above but still stagger the drawn boxes.
    7. Repeat number 6 noticing that you are now part way out of the Strong Ridges.
    Get a HIGH QUALITY Box knife and a pack of replacement blades and safety glasses if you do not have them.
    8) here is where the personal risk is DO NOT CUT YOUR SELF. WE want to cut out only three sides (DO NOT CUT ON ONE OF THE ONE INCH SIDES!!) of ONE of each drawn box on each row EXCEPT for the top row where I would cut three sides (NOT A ONE INCh SIDE) of three of the drawn TOP (EXHAUST ) row boxes.THis is harder then it looks and don't you dare cut toward yourself. Dirty Harry say at this point "Ask yourself one thing Punk"... do you like your body?) You also can crush the can if not using a new blade! (that is a 15 yard penalty.)

    9.)Once you have made those cuts, use needle nose pliers to very carefully and squarely bend those cut door INSIDE the cAN AND CRIMP THEM TIGHT SO THE CANDLE HOLDER WILL NOT CATCH ON THEM. I HAVE SKIPPED THIS Part in the past until I realized how much these crimped doors added to the can strength.
    10.) Remove the handle for the candle holder. Install this handle (got a drill?)on top of FOCO can so it will not interfere with the FOCO can lid.
    11.) On ebay you can get all kinds of very thin insulation such as for fireboxes or engine metal gaskets. Get a small piece and cut to just fit the top outside of the FOCO can lid. I have not yet done the rest of this section but plan to. Attached the insulation to the top of the foco can lid and let it cure. Since if the entire hammock fall. the Foco Lid will likely pop of, My final design will incorporate a small wire on top of a piece of burn proof insulation that will keep the candle holder from heating the top and keep the Foco top from coming off in case the elevator falls.
    12) Take a pot pie tin and put a center hole in it just big enough to let it slip over the chain down to the handle RIGHT SIDE UP. This will help disburse the heat.If the time was upside down the tin would get hotter. Good for heat transfer but that is not the objective right now. (I plan to have an aluminized tarp above mine. BE CAREFUL IF JUST USING a SIL TARP.) You might want to just use a piece of HD aluminum foil to save weight.
    13) with the candle holder open just enough to lite the candle lite it.Extend the candle holder and lower it carefully into the FOCO can
    14) Hang Foco can with lite candle somewhere out side where there is NO possibility of a fire even if this goes Nuclear. (use a wire chaIN EXTENDER just for kicks) .

    15) Read a book for an hour and watch it. CAREFULLY (I use an infrared thermometer) check the temperatures.

    There will need to be tests of how long the candle will burn based upon the number of holes (doors) you have cut open. Only open the number of door you need to get the 9 hour burn time. Too many doors and you will have a weak FOCO can.
    I have only tested mine one night with a limited number of open door and did not have the Foco lid on. The candle likely would have lasted 16 hours based upon the test meaning too few doors open.
    I was please with the coolness of all parts and can see that the final design will work. I will cut additional holes and do further tests when I get a chance. Pictures sometime in the future when I get it completed.

    Historical Eagle Scout linage:
    Take a BSA Patrol size bean can, a piece of wire,a candle just slightly smaller than the bean can, and a church key and then ...........................

    Best of luck folks

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    Very nice tutorial. Since it wasn't about hammocks it was moved to the donating member section, as this one will be.
    Everyone ought to believe in something....I believe I'll go set up the hammock!

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