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    Structural Ridgeline vs Longer Hammock

    I ordered 13 feet of hammock material and just finished whipping it today. I've tried hanging it with a structural ridgeline, but the hammock is so long that it has plenty of sag without the ridgeline. And it's a lot more comfortable than my old 8 footer. I also let the sides stay even instead of pulling them up, I can lie on the diagonal more comfortably now.

    Anyway, what do you guys think about using longer fabric materials as opposed to using a structural ridgeline?

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    A structural ridgeline doesn't really ADD sag to a hammock, it allows you to set the sag the way you want and never have to adjust it again. Eliminates a lot of messing-around time in camp. What you're noticing is most likely a material-stretch effect; the nylon stretches no matter what, but the more material area you subject to your weight, the more it'll stretch. So a larger hammock should allow you to be comfortable with less sag. If that makes any sense.
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    the last hammock i made (i've been using it for several weeks now) is 11' long.
    it's great but i'm going to re-whip it at 10' & see if i can tell any real difference.
    the last few i've used were 10' & they were great.
    one thing you are going to run into as the hammock gets longer is sometimes it may be longer than the trees you want to use.
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