What's up with the Hennessy knot?

The Expedition Asym conveniently has instructions printed on the stuff sack. The problem is that their instructions are vague and a little confusing. To combat this they have included an illustration. The illustration has only served to increase the confusion. So, I ignored everything and hung the hammock my way. It seemed to work OK.

The next time I hung the hammock I made an effort to do it per Hennessy's instructions. For me, this was an exercise in frustration. I don't get the Hennessy knot or "lashing" as they call it. Does anyone use this "lashing"? Does it provide any advantage? I gave up trying to figure it out and used regular knots that I was already familiar with. I used a clove hitch and 2 half hitches. The hammock stayed up, with me in it, for the entire afternoon. I even took a nap.

Is there any reason not to use clove hitches to hang the hammock? Is there some advantage to using a different set of knots to keep the hammock up? What knots do you use to hang?