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Thread: Post tagging

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    Post tagging

    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    I don't necessarily know what you're talking about because I stay away from Twitter and Facebook, but, when a new post is started you have the option of adding Tag Words and Advanced Search allows you to include tags in your search parameters.
    The tagging when creating a new thread is IMO sub-par. It only works from the web and only when creating a new thread to my knowledge. There are a lot of us tapatalk users out here and switching to web view to create a post is just a bother. If I'm replying to a thread in any way web or tapatalk, how do I add a tag? Clicking on another box just to add tags isn't the most user friendly when I could just type #UQP and be done with it.

    100% of the time when searching I go to google and enter my search term. Example.. "UQP"

    I'm super happy with hammockforums. I just think that post tagging and user tagging would be extremely helpful.
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    If it helps, here is a link Nhott provided in another post which led to this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nhott View Post
    I think if we had thread tagging it would make everyone's life a little easier searching the forums.

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    I agree that the tagging system that is part of vbulletin is not as intuitive as hashtags and not easy to use on a mobile device. Having said that vbulletin modifications/add-ons can be a massive pain when upgrading the forum software. The reason it took so long for us to upgrade from 3.x to 4.x is many of the add-ons did not work with vbulletin 4.x. Rick and I spent many, many hours finding new add-ons to "seamlessly" replace the old unsupported ones, and in a number of cases rewriting parts of the old modules to work with newer versions of vbulletin. The rough transition during the upgrade was mostly a direct result of abandoned and out of date add-ons, modules and themes.

    Here are the statistics for version 3.8 of the module you linked to:
    Released: 24 Aug 2011 Last Update: 26 Aug 2011 Downloads: 49

    And the 4.x stats:
    Released: 06 Oct 2011 Last Update: Never Downloads: 87

    Not exactly confidence inspiring.

    I realize there are other, better options out there.

    Before we adopt any more add-ons it has to meet the following criteria:

    ) Add real value to the forums
    ) Code actively maintained/supported
    ) Cost effective

    Your idea has merit. Hopefully folks reading this will give their input on @ and # tagging.

    In the mean time if folks started using the tagging system currently available more frequently (one can add tags to new/existing threads) that would definitely strengthen the argument for enhanced tagging.

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