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    Ny / Roscoe / suggestions

    Hello all!

    Generally I camp near Mud pond, or trout pond by Roscoe NY.
    I live on Long Island, NY so the majority of my trip out there is spent on the Cross bronx, and the George Washington bridge. I don't really have problems with longer distance drives as long as its worth it, but many of my friends can be finicky about that.

    Is there any suggested area for camping sites that around that area, or around that distance from Long Island?
    Also we are pretty basic campers (pretty content just sitting by a fire) I guess the more I look through these forums the more Ideas I get. So if there is a good place to kayak or raft, and know a good place for rentals or something similar, or literally any other activities to suggest please let me know.

    Thank you so much!

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    Check out Mahlon Dickerson near Lake Hopatcong in NJ - nice campsites with super cheap firewood, hiking trails on the reservation and boat launches and rentals avail at the lake.

    There are some nice spots in the DWA as well - Dingmans is on the river and there are plenty of lunches and shuttles upstream, and Stokes State forest is also really nice.

    Lastly there are lakes in Harriman which I believe are open to public for kayaking, with lots of camping options in the park (stealth or near shelters).

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    Just a few miles east of Roscoe on 17 is Livingston Manor. There is a nice little campground there with a small lake.. mongaup pond campground. It's been a few years since i've been there so I can't tell you how the trees are for hammocks but nice. worth a look the next time you're out at roscoe. Also, I suggest you maybe spend less time taking the tappan zee out towards 17, or if you're in the worst part of the day, find your way over to 9a, go up to rt 6 and over the bear mtn bridge. follow 6 right up to 17. maybe better route to go. I assume that if you're going to roscoe, you're fly fishing? A friend of mine goes to the east branch of the delaware where he says the fly fishing is great.
    John aka Suede

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    Thank you guys so much for the suggestions. I have actually never been fly fishing but that is one of the things I plan on doing this camping season. Last year we did a small hike to trout pond. It was really nice, and I think we are going to hike and then set up camp rather than set up camp and then hike. So I was looking for ideas of where to go or what to do when there.

    Again thanks for the new locations and the pointing me in the right direction of the fish.

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    FWIW the Wharton forest and Pine Barrens are also within your range. Also check where the AT runs through the area.


    Free advice worth what you paid for it. ;-)

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