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    Best I 'Ave Seen? :)

    How do you review a hammock without any BIAS? The answer, for me, is simply - I can't. Or rather, maybe I should say that I can't after I bought the BIAS camper hammock. Before I continue, though, I think it's imperative to note what I look for in a hammock, and really, my temperament as an individual. Therefore, without further adieu, I value -

    - Lightweight. Keep in mind that I am not into ultralight, however, I do prefer to have my hammock and suspension at about a pound.
    - Great craftsmanship. I enjoy a well made hammock.
    - Material. I am going to be lying in the hammock for a good portion of my life, and prefer the hammock to be both accommodating to my six foot size as well as cater to the contours of my figure. Really, this just means that I like a silky smooth feel to the fabric as well as a small amount of stretch.
    - Lastly, I like my hammocks to be built like a tank. Simply put, I am hard on them, and prefer to not have to worry should some unexpected wind find its way to my bad site selection and threaten to parachute the hammock into the impending tree branch.

    Therefore, I find that not only has BIAS catered to all these needs, but have gone above in beyond with both their customer service as well as their added accessories that come with the hammock.
    So, let us get on with the review, but before I do I would like to note one more thing - I have had the hammock for over a month, and have spent countless hours lying in it, as well as battling the 30 plus mph wind that has been haunting my restful naps.

    I first received the hammock after about two weeks of placing my order, and upon opening it, I was pleased aesthetically. But really, I was more impressed with the stuff sack. Boy do I love my stuff sacks, and this one was the perfect size. After using a Grand Trunk Ultra Light for half a year, I can say without a doubt that the size on the BIAS stuff sack is perfect, or maybe, perfection! The stuff sack alone has since withstood a very dead pine tree, being thrown into a dog trash can at the park (A woman thought it was trash), being blown clear across the park and into the street, a dog trying to attack the blue predator impeding on its territory, and to my surprise, it is no worse for the wear.

    The stuff sack is one thing, but the hammock is what truly counts, and upon opening it I can say without a doubt that it is the best hammock I have ever had a pleasure to lie in. For the first few weeks there was a noticeable stretch to the fabric, but not to the point where it made it a drag(-ging on the ground ). Since then it has tapered off a bit, and isn't as noticeable to me (Keep in mind that I know very little about fabrics, and it is entirely possible that it has a memory application in which it stretches with the body, and after awhile, not so much).

    Of course, the fabric is amazing, but what really counts is how it's all put together - which is to say - of top notch quality. The sewing is well done, the folds great, and the altogether length to width ratio seems about perfect to me. For those of you who don't know, this hammock is a beast in its own right - sporting an 11' length, and 58'' width, and, I can't stress this enough - it is only 12 ounces! (I'm aware of the lighter versions, however, I personally think 12 ounces is pretty low).

    Lastly, we come to the added accessories, which are spliced continuous loops and a spliced ridgeline. Before this hammock, I had been using a GTUL and had never had the opportunity to use a ridgeline on a hammock, and must say, it is there to stay, but that is another topic entirely.

    For those of you that are still reading (It's long I know), I would like to say that the wind has proven to be a formidable foe, and the hammock has held its ground considerably. It has also been subject to some stressors of my life which has included a combined weight of both my girlfriend and I, and I have yet to see any stretch marks which have made their way into my other hammocks.

    All in all, I must say that I really am enjoying this hammock, and am certainly BIAS'ed! I will more than likely buy one of their lighter versions in the near future.

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    +1 on BIAS! I have their weight weenie, and weight weenie micro, love them!!!

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    I really feel like I've made the right choice for once.

    HF helps, but the hats off to the gang at BIAS. Best value for a top end kit out there IMHO.
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