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    Talking Great service from Jared at Simply Light Designs

    I just wanted to mention that I've had a great service from Jared at Simply Light Designs. I wanted to find out his shipping rates to Canada so I submitted a contact request through his website. He got back to me within an hour or two and mentioned that he could cut me a deal on shipping. Great start!

    Once I finally decided to order my hammock today, we exchanged 6 more emails within 6 hours. The longest he ever took to get back to me was 2.5 hours. Great service on a Saturday!!

    In the end, I ordered a 11' 1.1 Streamliner DL along with a custom bugnet.

    Rather than getting Jared's sock-style bugnets, I wanted to go with something that was bottom entry (i.e. Fronkey style). Jared helped me plan something out and made a lot of good suggestions on the size and taper based on his experience.

    And, as others have also reported, Jared personally emailed me within 30 minutes of my order actually getting submitted. Told me it should be in the mail on Monday. Nothing like working over the weekend!

    And did I mention that all of this comes at a very competitive price?

    I highly recommend Jared and Simply Light Designs. His service has been timely and helpful and I've enjoyed being able to tap into his knowledge and experience in building something custom. Good prices, great service and experienced guidance - what more could you want?

    I'll post some reviews once my order arrives.


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    I can back this up. Last night around 9 oclock pm I ordered a winter haven with a few customizations from the comfort of my hammock in the bush. Jared responded in good time with the international shipping price and a pretty good timetable. Start it friday, shipped monday.

    I got an email today at 11 am saying theres been a change to the schedule, its finished and shipped and he upgraded the shipping for free. Truly amazing service

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