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    California to South Carolina, where to hang?

    I'm flying into San Francisco this coming Thursday to pick up a car from family out there and driving it back to SC. I got to thinking about packing my hammock since I've been so busy with work the past few months that I haven't had it out since the end of last year. That way I save some money on hotels and get some hammock time in while I'm off work. My only problem is I have no clue where to start planning a trip like this around hanging. The southern route would be the shortest, but I'm thinking I'll go a little more north...head out of California around lake Tahoe maybe. This was all a bit last minute so if any of you guys have some ideas of a good route and places to hang just throw them out there. Maybe I can get somewhat of a plan together before I head out.

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    Assuming you've a smartphone up to the task? Download the ReserveAmerica App - it'll find you on a map and show you which state parks you're closest to. Also enables you to make a campsite reservation from the application, too.

    If you're cool with flying by the seat of your pants, this should get ya by.

    That aside, and if you're only packing a hammock (opposed to a tent), be prepared to get creative in how you hang - some states are lesser-known for trees than others, say, Texas.

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