I just wanted to express my gratitude to both Paul and Missy, who saved my Yosemite trip this past week.

A while back, I accidentally burned a three inch hole in my new and hardly used 0* Flight Jacket. I felt so stupid and angry that I let that happen (the inside of the quilt touched the tip of a hot iron )

I emailed them asking how to fix it and what the cost would be. I was willing to pay anything to just get it done since I had a trip to Yosemite coming up faster than I expected (I am a procrastinator)

After sending them a few pictures of the damage with a ruler for scale, and a few emails back and forth, they decided that it could be fixed quickly with just a patch of illume 15 fabric, some polyester thread, and some work on my part. I told them to just let me know how much to send for the materials and an ounce of down, and a PayPal will be sent... Before they could even shoot down my offer, they just asked for my address, and I immediately received a tracking number for an ounce of that awesome 850 dwr goose down, three (neatly hemmed) patches in different sizes the same color as my inner fabric, a transcript of our emails back and forth, and a tip to use polyester thread.

Yes, I patched it myself. No it's not pretty, but does add "character." And yes, my UGQ Flight Jacket made it to Yosemite, but I wasn't able to use it...I needed it for my girlfriend's son to use in my hammock. It performed perfectly! Although it was windy and got down to the mid to low 30's (super cold for us southern californians) he was (obviously) warm and toasty all night, and never got cold during his first hammock camping experience. The next morning, he was boasting to his mom about how warm he was. The thermometer/compass/whistle around his neck registered 100* at one point!

Paul & Missy McWalters, and whoever is helping you with UGQ Outdoor Equipment (family, friends, elves, leprechauns, etc...) you've got yourselves a lifelong customer. Thank you!!!!