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    JrB Nest UQ for HH Explorer Deluxe is BEAST

    Tried my new Nest UQ for the first time this weekend, and I'll never go back to fighting with a pad inside my hammock again! It was very warm during the day and I didn't think I'd get a chance to use is, but around 1am the temp finally dropped below 70 and I woke up feeling chilly. I just had a jersey blanket on top. At 1am I decided I'd put on the UQ for the first time, and it only took me about 5 mins to set the whole thing up. I got back in and I think I instantly passed out till dawn.

    The next night I was hesitant about keeping it on because I was pretty hot already as I was climbing in. I was worried that I'd be too hot, but I was not. As soon as I settled down I was out like a light.

    The UQ and my light blanket still stuffs smaller than just my light bag, and I still would have needed a pad.

    For the quality of materials, ease of set-up, weight and functionality, The Nest is the best way to go.

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    We find that an under quilt is usable through the summer as well.... Here is a link to a bunch of tips on hammock use both cold weather and warm weather... Nesting Tricks form an Old Coot...


    Ounces to Grams. ... Largest supplier of camping quilts and under quilts...Home of the Original Nest Under Quilt, and Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock. 800 595 0413

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