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    SC -> Santee State Park, Lake Marion -> Super Last Minute Hang

    On Friday morning I put up a last minute request for some hanging company for the weekend. By 4 PM I hadn't heard anything. Shortly after I had resigned myself to city life for the weekend, I got the tapatalk notification that I had a PM. Hammock Forums to the weekend rescue! Wooohooooooo! By 5 PM I had everything loaded in the Pilot headed towards Lake Marion about 2 hours away for some short notice hanging!

    Paulie and I got to the campsite about 7:30 PM and rushed to get everything setup before dark. By now, I'm a seasoned pro at setting up the Ridge Runner and HG Cuben tarp and it didn't take more than about 15 minutes. Paulie used his WBBB and Hennessy Hex fly.

    It was a warm night, the low was 70, so I used my PLUQ and had a JRB 40 TQ on standby (I didn't need it). I slept like a rock until about 6 AM when the rain started pitter-pattering on my tarp. I'm an early riser so once I was awake I couldn't go back to sleep. I lounged in the hammock and around camp until about 8:30 when me and Paulie headed into to town to murder the Shoney's breakfast buffet. I hadn't had Shoney's since I was a kid. I thought they were out of business.

    When we got back I unfortunately had a last minute work thing come up and was going to have to head back after only one night. To add insult to injury, the rain really kicked in. Luckily, I had setup my backup tarp to replace the ridge line and guy lines. It worked perfectly as a place to sit and wait out the rain.

    It was a quick trip with zero planning but it ended up being a lot of fun. Plus I made a new friend thanks to HF! After all, waking up to a beautiful view of the lake on Saturday morning is what it's all about anyway.

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    Paulie's usually down for anything. He "gets around."

    Glad y'all had a good time! I was in need of woods time this weekend but couldn't get away.
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    Thanks for the trip report g2outdoors! I won't post the few pictures I took as they're basically duplicates of yours. I had a good time as well, and hate you had to leave turned into a beautiful afternoon yesterday and was really nice this morning as well.

    After g2outdoors left, I ran into town to pick up a book to read, but ended up napping most of the afternoon. I went and had Cracker Barrel (again) for a late supper. My chair that I neglected and left in the rain dried out, so I spent the morning reading and tinkering with some gear.

    Again, it was a great weekend and a pleasure to meet a new HF member!

    Gresh: it would have been cool if you could have made it, but at least you had last weekend at Goat Island...

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