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    modified underquilt yet again;

    Modified my sleeping bag underquilt yet again, now instead of just end channels and loops suspending the quilt, I have shock cord on the long side channels I made, and cinched ends with shock cord instead of boot strings, the difference in comfort is night and day! wow!
    here's a view of the quilt; originally I was going to just sew it on the long sides to the hammock, but it turns out the quilt is 65" wide while the hammock is only 58 inches wide... so I decided to give it a proper suspension system.

    close up of the end

    attached to the tow hook which is larksheaded to the strap; this is temporary until I get climbing grade carabiners.

    hope you guys like this! I think it'll work by itself down to maybe the 50s.......any colder, I would add a fleece blanket to the bottom and my mummy bag which I modified.
    EDIT: after I fiddle around with the suspension, I will add a Structural Ridge Line and shorten the shock cord and tie to the Ridge Line via prussiks or butterfly loops.
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    I did something similar for my first UQ, i was pleasantly surprised for summer use (bulk etc aside).

    Mine was made using a cheap regatta sleeping bag, also quilted. It cost 10, and it was indeed fine for me in the 50's. I still have it as a spare for friends.

    At 65" wide you could do a lot of trimming and still keep just as warm though, but good effort, diy is king

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