I'm fairly new to doing the hammock thing. I feel like I have a good handle on pretty much everything except an elegant bottom insulation solution. My bottom insulation experience so far has only been with two models of inflatable pads (Big Agnes and Thermarest). I have some wide pieces of CCF on order to play with, but I move around a lot at night and I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a down UQ for the added comfort/convenience.

Is anyone in the SoCal area willing to share their experiences and show off their gear so I can better understand the tradeoffs of pad versus 3/4 UQ, versus full UQ? Reading advice is handy, but ideally I'd like to see one or two of these UQ things in the flesh to help decide on features, fill and sizing. Making new friends with similar interests is a big plus too. From what I can tell so far group hangs in SoCal (where I could see this stuff in action) are few and far between, and I just missed one.

Lastly, thanks for the wealth of information you guys have shared on this forum. I've learned a tremendous amount about hammock camping in a very short period of time lurking here thanks to a lot of you guys.