10th Anniversary Celebration

Whew! We returned from Trail days in Damascus Virginia, crashed through a quick inventory rebuild, took some deserved time off…. Then… realized we had not planned any celebration for the Tenth Anniversary of Jacks ‘R’ Better.


Whereas, it is not practical to have a party and expect thousands of customers and friends to travel from the far reaches of 30+ countries and every state of the union to our Virginia location.

And whereas, the seasons change by the hemisphere in which either of us are located.

And whereas, each of us live our lives in personal cycles of family, business, sport and leisure that do not necessarily point to a best date to celebrate.

We resolve, to simply add even more value for this year of celebration from Jacks ‘R’ Better.


Each month during the upcoming year

There will be Feature Quilts and other major items offered at ADDITIONAL SAVINGS from JRB already discounted pricing.

JRB newsletter subscribers will receive monthly announcements.

Where ever you are, we sincerely hope you enjoy the outdoors!

Jack & Jack