Hi guys!

I'm just getting into hammocks. Mostly as a form of cutting weight on quick overnight trips and having a place to relax on day hikes. However the bug has bit and is digging in.

I picked up a grand trunk double, I've camped in it a couple times now with a zlite pad and a bag. I've been carrying it on my day hikes as well. Hanging it above waterfalls and the such, kicking back and reading a book.

Now that I'm looking to cut weight again, I picked up a nano. I haven't hung it in the woods yet but I've laid in it around the house, it's strangely small compared to my double but that was to be expected. I don't plan to camp in it, just to take it on day hikes in place of my double.

I'm looking to lighten up both and get better suspension. Right now I'm just using the GT tree straps.

I'm also looking into making my own stuff in the near future.
Has anyone made a hammock with the under quilt already attached? Like a one piece thing? Maybe something like a hanging quilt.

Anyways, Suggestions are always welcome!
I have to get to work.