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    MO Branson - 2.5 days Car Camping Trip Report

    Sometimes my life seems to be moving faster than I am.

    So, I had this idea to get back into long-distance hiking and go with a hammock ditching the tent. At over 60 and overweight, dialing in some gear I can carry and getting in shape had to make the short list.

    So, I decided to add walking and hiking to my CrossFit adventures and start with building up a daypack that could handle emergencies and unexpected overnights with no loss of life or sanity.

    And, I started ordering DIY hammock stuff b/c it seems to be easier to get value and exactly what I want more within my reach financially.

    All well and good.

    But the grandkids camping trip came before the hammock was up. That worked out, see trip report.

    The next week went to yard work.

    This past week I ended up driving over 1200 miles (each way) and trying to camp maybe even less organized to save $$ -- mainly cause I spent so much on the hammock makings and day pack stuff.

    Hammocking again when clearly not ready.

    Big sigh. This is not usually me. Previously, I've gone over and over my stuff before leaving, weighed and measured.

    However, again, it worked out. Just not all perfectly well, but some surprisingly well.

    My assignment in Branson is a volunteer position at a spiritual seminar for 5 sessions, Tuesday night through Thursday night. Whether hotel or campground, I'm not *home* much and focus is on sleeping as much as possible then getting ready and being on time.

    My good friends caught a ride (and bought the gas) to eastern MO, where I was gifted with a night at their bro's home, then I came on in to Branson. But, the way I went took a lot longer than I should have taken so arrived late.

    Camped at the state park on Table Rock lake, which I found very nice, large, lots of trees, good trees on almost every site. Mine was on the the lake almost at the Marina. Plenty lovely!

    I tried to hang the hammock and tarp in a hurry because I was late and did a not great job. Most of that got fixed the next afternoon when I had a little time.

    My biggest challenge turned out to be getting out of the hammock combined with the walking distance to the bathroom/shower house, sad to say.

    Really had trouble getting out of the hammock. Last trip, I just hung it low and rolled out onto my ground cloth. This time there was gravel under me and I tried hanging it a little higher, but couldn't seem to get my feet solidly on the ground and under me, so really struggled with getting out.

    There had been 50% thunderstorms predicted, but only one came, and that during the 2nd day when I had a nap planned. We did get some thunder and lightening and rain, but very light, very tame.

    I enjoyed the hammock so much that even my book lost it's lure and I just plain fell asleep. When I woke up 2 hours later, the storm was over and people were coming out of their tents and RVs to play.

    Second night, same as first. I had to get up and make it to the outhouse middle of the night and really struggled with getting out of the hammock. The second morning, I slid my wally-world pad out from under me, placed it out the ground and rolled out onto it. I guess I haven't got much pride left or I wouldn't be admitting all these fiascoes! LOL

    Every day had several pleasant wildlife sightings, as well as many, many miles of wonderful wildflowers. The birds were great but the bunnies seemed to be everywhere! I also sited a human standing on water jets 8-10' high just out from my camp site. That was a shock and fun! The birds I need to go look up.

    Third night, I got *home* late and had to drive 6-7.5 hours before picking up my friends, then get back on the road for another 13. Instead of spending my third night in camp I just packed up everything at midnight and drove until sleep was necessary, then finished in the AM getting me to them at 11:00 instead of 2:00. I wondered how much of the appeal of getting away was based on not spending another night struggling with getting out of the hammock.

    Will have to find some solution. Grands have scheduled another camp out this week, unless it rains. I didn't mind the rain last time but some aren't ready to do rain camping again this soon.

    Meanwhile, I have a very full schedule this week and probably won't get to even looking at my gear and lists until later. Have to admit, my new Gossamer Gear Minimalist daypack came in, I've used it on the two trips and haven't even weighed it yet.

    All in all, the camping part of my trip, and the rest of the trip, too, was a pleasure for many reasons. I was impressed with the park, although if I camp much in Branson (going twice a year now) may look for a smaller more off the track camping place.

    Some of my lessons were about not preparing and packing what I needed (again) and I really want to get ahead of that curve.

    My biggest challenge was the overweight, outta-shape hammock disembark quandry.

    Surely, I am not the first one on this. Oh, to lose some weight and get in better shape!

    Thanks for reading a less than glorious trip report. It is heartening to read your comments and especially get suggestions. Thanks, all!

    a happy hiker
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