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    CRL Set up Question

    Noob here. I know there are many different ways to do CRL.

    I have a 30' piece of Zing It I plan on using for my ridgeline. I have a chinook 12x9.6 tarp which I am going to add some webbing and D rings to the centre grommets for extra support for where it attaches to my ridgeline.

    I don't want my ridgeline to attach to my tarp (just attach my tarp to the ridgeline). I also like the V setup for lack of rubbing between tarp suspension and hammock suspension.

    So here is what I was thinking:

    Use a tarp flyz on each end of the ridgeline (gets rid of a prusik if I have a dutch hook on one end instead of 2 flyz) and then a zing it loop on my webbing on each side of the tarp with a dutch hook on each loop and attach these to a prusik on the ridgeline to centre/adjust my tarp.

    Thoughts? Too complicated with the loops?

    I was thinking the other thing I could do was tarp flyz on one end and a dutch hook on the other that would attach to prusik on the ridgeline.

    Thanks everyone!

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    You could also do this (at least, for some tarps):

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    CRL Set up Question

    I have that same tarp. I use a Dutch Fly on one end and Dutch hook spliced into the other end of my CRL. I use prussiks with mini carabiners to attach to zing it loops on either end of the tarp.

    You probably don't need to add webbing/d-rings to the grommets if you just larks head on a couple zing it loops. I don't know if its necessary or not, but I have a third prussik with a mitten hook to support the center tarp.

    I like this configuration, very easy to set up, as you just string up the ridge line then attach the tarp and can easily adjust its position by sliding the prussiks.

    Lots of options!

    -- Tom

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    Ya I was looking at those but was worried about getting enough tension on it in high winds (but it might be alright with the taughtness gained from pegging out the side guylines but I guess that could be solved by replacing shock cord with some Zing it.

    @ TomS
    I think that is what I am going to do but just replace the carabiners with dutch hooks just for less bulk and a streamline look but I wasnt sure if theyd pop off in a high wind. I wouldn't think they would but just a thought that hit me.

    I didn't know if it was necessary for that tarp as I actually haven't used it yet so wasn't sure of the durability. I just had 2' of extra webbing and thought I'd just reinforce it anyway.

    Have you have any issues with that area of the tarp being too stressed in set up?

    Thanks for the replies! Greatly appreciated! Still deciding on what I am going to do if anyone else has some thoughts or experience.

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    I actually added webbing to my tarp as well. For some reason one end didn't come with a grommet so I bulked up both ends just to be on the safe side. Now that you mentioned it I remember the stock setup looked a little flimsy.

    -- Tom

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    Ya I think I will add the webbing then , just as a fail safe.

    Also might be a silly question but at first glance I cant really see a difference between a Wasp and a Tarp Flyz.

    Is the wasp just easier to move up and down the line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IbeforeEexceptafterC View Post
    Ya I think I will add the webbing then , just as a fail safe.

    Also might be a silly question but at first glance I cant really see a difference between a Wasp and a Tarp Flyz.

    Is the wasp just easier to move up and down the line?
    Hey there....the Wasp is larger than the Flyz and I find it much easier to move up and down the line.
    You can see the Wasp in the video at 7:35
    Carry forth.

    Whooooo Buddy)))) All Good in the Backwood Hood.

    Shug's YouTube Videos

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    Thanks Shug! That looks like a great piece and since Dutch has the best shipping prices I've ever seen to Canada I cant really think of a reason not to order me some bling.

    On a side note my fiance thinks I'm a little nuts as I think I watched your videos for about 6 solid hours yesterday and now have an unbelievable craving for some spam!

    Great videos, especially for a total noob like me just trying to get set up and figure all this stuff out.

    I am mainly a canoe camper so I've read tons on the BWCA and have always wanted to visit. I am lucky enough to have Algonquin park close to me in Ontario which is very similar to Quetico-Superior country but a trip to the Boundary Waters is in the plans next summer! I will be stopping by Duluth as my packs are made there by a phenomenal company called Frost River and I've always wanted to visit and get a custom pack made.

    Anywho thanks again, all you guys and gals are HF have been amazingly generous with all the tips and info!


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