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    New Hanger in CO

    Hello everyone!

    I've been an un-registered troll for some time now, but thought I would finally say hello and add some info to a couple posts.

    I am pretty new to the hanging thing, but am a total convert already. I live close enough to the Warbonnet guys that I was able to drive up and test drive all of their hammocks before I bought one... and then I bought another one so I am a proud owner of 3 hammocks now. The WBBB XLC, WBRR, and an ENO double (orange and grey) that I use at the house for just lazing about and take to hotels with me for hanging out while traveling.

    I have done one night with the WBBB in the mountains at around 38 degrees with a -30 bag under me (in the double layer) and a +15 bag over me in full clothes. I was a bit cold underneath and can't wait to pickup a good UQ. Until then, I am putting the pad in there and zipping up the top bag. I got the WBRR for the girlfriend, and for myself if I want to take it instead as it's a bit easier until I get a good UQ for the WBBB.

    I discovered hanging earlier this year when a friend brought a hammock (similar to an ENO double) up to a big camping trip and slept in it. It was like getting struck by lightning. Gold lightning. I thought "holy sh*t, what a great idea!!! Who would've thought!" Then I discovered the forums, then I tried it, and I am hooked. To everything. Right now in my hotel room I have my hammock hooked over a pin in a door hinge and then over the couch (it's stood on end) and through the slider on the other side. I will be sleeping quite comfortably tonight.

    I want to post some pictures on hammock camping in a hotel room, but unfortunately the internet here at the hotel is terrible so I will have to do it later. I have determined that if one is determined enough, a hammock can be hung nearly anywhere urban with just the resources around you.

    Anyway, thank you all in advance for the welcome that I am sure is to come and I hope to catch up with some of you in there future and hang out!

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    Welcome from West Texas... As you know, a bunch of us Texans seem to make our way up to your neck of the woods... Beautiful country up there... I spend quite a bit of time in Leadville....let me know of there are any group hangs... I'd love to go...
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