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    Need help with calculations for portable stand for four

    We bought four pieces of conduit and had them cut to about 6 feet and have drilled a hole in the top and bottom that will accept a bolt. We'd like to make an easy to use portable stand for 1-4 people that can be put in a regular car (i.e. weight not a huge problem but a heavy stand times four is a lot to carry!). The city of San Diego will not let us hang hammocks from trees near the beach (grassy park) or after sunset so apparently our nighttime hang to watch the nightly Seaworld fireworks was illegal

    We have 12" nails with washers and a relatively easy access to am steel (West Marine). We'd like to make a pretty foolproof (angles already figured out, extra rope to make it easy to put up etc)

    We have three tablecloth hammocks (132-about 8" for channels) and one Eno DN and sets of webbing straps and toggles.

    Can anyone help do the math please or point me in the right direction to do it myself? I'm thinking two stakes and guy lines per post for a single hammock and four for multiples...??

    Needs to be super safe as we have cautious friends who won't try it unless it is.

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    I made this hammock stand.. it works great, and would probably meet your criteria..

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    Heavy duty ground stakes required

    That should work if the City allows you to drive some fairly heavy duty stakes into the ground. You will need to put a lot of trust into these ground stakes and then be able to remove them when the night is over. An alternate method is a free standing tripod at each of the 4 corners of a large square with 4 compression top-rails above each hammock and no ground stakes. Here is a recent thread about that hammock stand system. You may need a cart to haul all the 4' poles however.

    If you go with the single vertical steel conduit pipes, you might want to try using those extra large screw in ground stakes commonly used to hold a dog's leash in place, sold at pet supply or hardware stores.

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    If you don't want to worry about stakes or extra footprint of lines, go with a TDS(turtledog stand). Make just 4 tripods and set them up in a square. Get a big polytarp to cover all and set up tall pole in center to hold it up.

    TDS's can fit into a car and set up/take down quickly.
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    Thank you for the help!

    I don't want to really add any more metal poles if possible, we have a RAV4 and need to be able to carry four people, two dogs and this stand and I think a turtle dog one would take up too much room in our car. We have plenty of room to set out though so no worry about footprint, Mission bay park is about 4000 acres, half of which is land. I hope I can put stakes in the ground. I emailed parks and rec and they told me I had to follow the slacklining rules.

    I'm thinking set the four poles in a square leaning out at Y angle (help?) then four guy lines going out from each pole with a 12" nail securing each at Y angle (?) then a large loop around the top and bottom or perhaps an X from corner to corner top and bottom?

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    Joshjv, that would work great for one hammock, but I don't know how to adapt it for three or four using only four poles.

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    Yea, you'd need to probably make one stand for each hammock.. It does though condense well. You can do it without the 2x4s if you wanted to save more packed space..
    Look into the tensegrity (sp?) stands

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