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    Considering makings tarp

    I a large piece of tyvek fell into my lap the other day, and I was curious what I can use it for, my first thought was possibly a tarp. Any ideas if this will work, or places to start on how to go about making it happen?

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    Misc ideas to help you get started

    Many ideas on various threads over the years here at HF Tyvek+diy

    personally I am not a big fan of the special "tyvek tape" but it is lighter than duct or gorilla. also use a scrap of tyvek and see if some flexible fabric glue or super glue or something like that will work, cuben fiber tape is very expensive but good stuff. Experiment with various methods of attaching dyneema cord to it after reading about it on these HF threads that you google.

    My rule on any project is spend at least as much time planning as actually constructing. Otherwise I read about it later and say OH if I knew THAT I could have made it much better. Have fun with it.
    Patterns at:

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    Awesome! Thankyou so much for these. Perhaps we can get more ideas for SonOfMartin on how we hangers can use Tyvek.

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