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    I would say it depends on how you sleep (warm, cold, or hot) I would say I am a warm sleeper and HG quilts are rated very well. I went out in Jan. when it got down to 7' at night and I stayed Vary warm that night in just underwear with a 0' incubator and a 20' burrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markr6 View Post
    Careful with the sunshade. I love taking a small piece on every trip "just in case" but it can cause a lot of condensation since it obviously doesn't breathe at all.
    I don't think she has to worry about condensation from the sunshade. She's gonna have enough condensation from the waterproof layers of the DD Travel Hammock. I thought she was mistaken because, who would make a hammock out of non-breathable material? Well, apparently the DD travel hammock does (which also doubles as a bivy). Their website says, "*Please note that as the floor is waterproof it (the floor) is not very breathable - if you'd prefer a more breathable hammock please choose our Frontline (the same design but without waterproof base)."

    Not very breathable - I'll bet that's an understatement with not one, but two waterproof layers! The sunshade would not reduce condensation; just add to it.
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    Tendertoe....Even though few years later since your post...You just helped me make up my mind with your consensus statement that hit home :-) as toying with what rating for a top quilt to get with the Zero uq recently ordered versus matching it. You probably heard the palm of my hand slapping me on the forehead..duh :-) " ...a sheet in the summer and a blanket in the winter..." really does says it all... as clearly I was thinking to hard about this. Thx.

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