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    Newbie gonna buy a Warbonnet. Have a couple questions.

    Hey i'm new to hammocks and am considering buying a warbonnet XLC hammock after reading a lot on this great site.

    I'm 6'2, 185lbs. I'll be backpacking and bicycle camping. I plan to camp for as long as 1-2wks at a time. Given that I'll be hiking, weight is a factor (not so much of a factor when I'm biking though).

    Right now my camping will be in the Northeast US in the summer and fall, but who knows where my travels will take me in the future.

    My questions:

    1. Double layer 1.1, double layer 1.7 or Single layer 1.7?

    2. If I order the whoopies, does it come straps as well? I would like to have both and try them both out.

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    What type of insulation are you planning on using? Pad or UQ?

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    I was planning on starting with a pad, then if I decide to camp in a colder climate/season at some point get an UQ.

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    I would go for the DL 1.1. You can buy Whoopies by themselves or you can buy a complete Whoopie and Strap suspension.
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    i'm bigger than you (6'3" - #200) and i have a 1.1 double blackbird that is plenty big for me and weighs less than the equivalent xlc if weight really is an issue to you when you hike, also $25 cheaper

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    If you buy the +$10 whoopies suspension option with the XLC from Warbonnet you will also get tree straps. You won't get carabiners to attach the whoopies to the straps, so you'll need to pick some up. Alternatively you could save some weight on the carabiners using Dutch attachment products instead. You could also use a toggle of your choice with a marlin spike hitch. Lots of options.

    At your size most people would strongly recommend getting the XLC if you want the most comfort.

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    Then you could use the DL until you go to UQ's.

    Then of course you'll want a SL, because the is no need to carry the extra hammock just for the sleave. And you probably won't be going back to the pad after losing the bulk factor involed. Very easy to just vent, hang loose of just push to one side, to lower insulation capability.

    You can wrestle with a pad in a single layer. I find it actually easier to adjust the pad without leaving the hammock. The only other obvious caveat, might be that a SL layer might allow more stretch, than you'd prefer, once you get around or more likely over 200#.

    I think the 1.7 SL would work just fine @ 185#. As always just ask you're cottage vendor of choice. They know what works best for their customers, under a variety of variables, in combination with the designs you're most interested.

    I'm 165# and shorter, 1.1 works well for me.

    Good luck!
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    If you're interested in trying whoopies and the adjustable webbing I would order the hammock with the adjustable webbing and buy a set of whoopie slings from one of our fine vendors here on HF. I would also echo rolloff's comments and say that if you're planning on using a pad I'd go with the DL 1.1. When you're ready to move to under quilts you can sell the DL here without a lot of depreciation on the price and pickup a new SL 1.7.

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    1.1 DL if you might need to "go to ground" taking pad regardless

    If you may need to "go to ground" occasionally the extra bulk of a pad may be necessary, therefore 1.1 DL could be the best option for you. 1.7 DL necessary for maximum comfort, if you are car camping, large canoe, ATV or something like that or OK with slightly larger pack size/weight. Also necessary if you marry someone who cooks very well and you gain 100+ pounds.

    Many people are amazed at how easy it is to make Whoopie Slings and how useful Amsteel cord is, so I would recommend that you buy some cord from a local shop or online and make those yourself. Also good to know how to splice and repair this in the field if you are a serious camper and not just car camping with mom and dad. I may be a wee bit opinionated about that!
    The webbing straps from WB are fast and easy to use once you get the technique down, so useful when weight is not an issue.

    If you are fairly sure you will have plenty of trees to hang from then don't take a pad or just a very small, extremely compact one, I like the 3/4 length pads from Klymit. Ideally you can afford high quality down TQ and UQ but if not your backpack etc will just be bulkier which is not that big of a problem.

    Edit: video on WB shows how to swap out stock webbing strap buckle attachment with whoopie sling but you will still need to order some tree hugger or basic webbing straps with loop sewn on one end I believe. Personally I think 4 foot long straps when you are trying to go light is just fine. If you like MSH then loop on one end only. If you prefer running strap thru loop and using carabiner then perhaps loop on both ends, or leave one loop larks headed to whoopie sling all the time and attach other end with Dutch clip, all these and many more methods work just fine. If only trees you can find are significantly more than 1' in diameter the bark will probably not be damaged by cord not webbing on it, but use vertical sticks under it to distribute the pressure just to be nice to the tree. I would also recommend making a few 3-4 foot long "dog-bones" with Amsteel cord (i.e. lock Brummel loop on each end, did I mention that you should definitely learn to splice cord!!!!) Use "dog-bone" extensions if webbing does not reach all the way around tree or space between trees is to wide etc. enough of my opinionated Blah Blah, I've clearly been doing this for far to long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ntxkayakr View Post
    If you may need to "go to ground" occasionally the extra bulk of a pad may be necessary, therefore 1.1 DL could be the best option for you. 1.7 DL necessary for maximum comfort, if you are car camping, large canoe, ATV or something like that or OK with slightly larger pack size/weight. Also necessary if you marry someone who cooks very well and you gain 100+ pounds.
    Ok thanks very much, I have some questions:

    By "going to ground" you mean getting out of the hammock? Why would the extra bulk of a pad be necessary? Why would the 1.1 DL be the best option in this case?

    Why is the 1.7 DL the most comfortable? Do I understand correctly that the pad gets inserted between the layers on the double, and goes inside the hammock on the single layer?

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