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    CA>August>Places to hang around Carlsbad, CA?

    We are doing a roadtrip out to California at the end of August/ beginning of Septemeber....we are going end up in Carlsbad, CA for a few days. Are there any awesome places to hang around there? Thanks!
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    Plenty of awesome places within a 2 hour drive. I can't speak about right around Carlsbad. When you are here, are you looking to car camp or backpack?

    I have never camped around Carlsbad. But if you're willing/able to drive about 2 hours north, I know of lot's of camping between Mt San Jacinto and Mt San Gorgonio (the 2 highest peaks in southern California 10,834' and 11,503'). There's car camping at Lake Hemet / Hurkey Creek, or if you'd like to go higher up into the mountains there are lot's of camp sites up off the 243 in Idyllwild. There are about 6 yellow post camp sites (free/first come/first served/no utilities) as well as Boulder Basin Campground ($10 per night with utilities) all on Black Mountain Truck Trail 4S01. Take it to the very end and you've got the PCT. If you're looking to bag Mt San Jacinto, you'll need an overnight permit ($5 per person). Apply early. Fuller Ridge is a great trail with awesome views. It's a section of the PCT.

    Further north you have the San Gorgonio wilderness. Lot's of trails with the highest peak in SoCal for you to bag if you're into that. Check out Hikin' Jim's blog for some suggested routes and water sources. Permits are required for overnight camping in the wilderness, but they are free. Apply early.

    There are more yellow post sites at Thomas Hunting Grounds off the 38 at Angelus Oaks. Take The Santa Ana River Trail behind the Post Office. Further up there is Barton Flats Campground. Head all the way in to Big Bear for more yellow post sites on the north and south side of the lake, Hanna Flats Campground, Serrano Campground (near the lake but not waterfront) and Holcomb Valley Campground.

    Yellow post sites fill up early on weekends. If you're camping through the week you'll find something. They're my favorite car camping destination because they are secluded. There won't be any fires allowed this time of year anywhere apart from public campgrounds. Well, there are a few suggestions but could barely even be called scratching the surface. Let me know what you end up planning or if you have any more questions.

    But ya, if you're looking to stay right around Carlsbad I can't really help ya much. Good luck. Always carry lot's of drinking water with you in the car while you're here.

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