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    Pt Reyes National Seashore (spreadsheet mishap)

    I usually just lurk here and enjoy reading all the posts and learning new aspects of hammock camping but wanted to share our experience going off the spreadsheet. It completely screwed us while staying in Glen Camp at Pt Reyes in CA and good thing I checked other peoples posts for Sky Camp and didn't choose to stay in camp 11 there. Camp 9 at Glen has NO trees and is out in the middle of all the other camps and camp 11 at Sky has awesome views but is surrounded by small brush. We were so lucky we stayed during the week and a camp with trees (not on the spreadsheet) was available at Glen camp. Otherwise, sleeping on our hammock on the ground at camp 9 with an ant hill was what it was going to be.

    Camp 1 is possible at Glen but not ideal, 2 is not private at all and really not possible despite the trees behind the fence. The best camps at Glen are 5 & 6 and Sky camp 5 is the best, 6 is good, 12 is ok and manageable if there's nothing else. We checked out all of the sites in each camp to make notes for ourselves for next time. Here's some pictures and out findings. I'll be scoping things out myself from now in unless there are pictures to show proof of trees.

    Camp 9 at Glen. Where's a spot to hang?

    Camp 5 at Glen. We were very fortunate this camp was vacant and used the two trees pictured

    The above two pictures are camp 6 at Glen. The trees are behind the camp

    Camp 2 at Glen. Would be pretty difficult to hang and there's no privacy

    Camp one. Some possibilities but would not be my first choice

    Camp 5 at Sky

    Camp 5 looking toward camp 6

    Camp 6 looking toward camp 5

    Camp 12 at Sky

    I wish I would have taken a good picture of camp 11 at Sky but there isn't one tree. Here's a picture of the great view though.

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    Good info. I hope you add it to the spreadsheet. The more updated it is, the more useful it is for everyone.
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    Pt Reyes National Seashore (spreadsheet mishap)

    Just did. Hope no one else ran into the problems we did from the spreadsheet
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