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    30D Silnylon Monsoon fly question

    I have a Monsoon rainfly for my Expedition. I have had it since this past Christmas and have a chance to use it one. It seems to be a good fly and provides plenty of cover....I had it out this weekend and noticed that one of the rings that the "blast doors" connect to is coming apart from the fly itself. Has anyone had this problem and if so was Hennessy easy to work with about repairs or replacement? I have sent them an email but have had no response as of today. Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated......

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    I had problems with Hennessey's repair services 7 or so years ago, and they lost me as a customer because of it.. I am curious to know if the process has improved at all or not.

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    Thanks for the info HK. I just sent the email Sat. evening...I'm not expecting miracles, but I would like a timely response. If I don't hear anything tomorrow I am going to call. I'll def post what I find out. I really like my HH and several friends have them too. I would hate to take my business elsewhere, but I'm not going to throw good money after bad. Customer service is very important to me.

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