Are there any Hammockforum members out there familiar with hiking Arapaho Pass to Devil's Thumb? I've never been to Colorado before and am planning a 3 day backpack trip Aug. 22nd - 24th starting from Monarch Trailhead and traveling south down Arapaho Pass, Diamond Lake Trail, and Devil's Thumb Trail. I will then finish at either 4th of July Trailhead or Hessie Trailhead. I plan on using a hammock the entire time. I am submitting permits to spend one night at Dorothy Lake, and one night at Jasper Lake.

1. Does anyone know if there will be trees suitable to hang at Dorothy Lake and Jasper Lake?
2. Am I able to obtain a permit to fish at either of those locations?
3. Does this trek plan sound like a good one? Meaning, could there be something I need to be aware of that I wouldn't have found on my trail maps?
4. Any wildlife risks I should be aware of? Would you recommend a bear canister or simply hanging my bag in a tree? (....assuming there's a tree to do that)

I'd appreciate any insights...Thanks in advance!